Alexander Vasiliev was credited with the paternity

Александру Васильеву приписали отцовство Fashion historian has come to pass to Dmitry Shepelev to find out the truth, does he have a son or not. Alexander claimed to have only loved one woman, who many years ago abandoned him and flew away to live in Paris, it was from her Vasilyev can be the heir.
Александру Васильеву приписали отцовство

Alexander Vasilyev and Mary Poynder was found in the program “really” Dmitry Shepelev. Almost thirty years ago, they tied a close relationship. They wanted to leave the USSR and live in Paris. But Mary fell in love and married a French journalist. After that, the woman gave birth to a son. Alexander has any suspicions that the baby was his.

Александру Васильеву приписали отцовство “In childhood I was called a pear because of the shape of the face. She called the boy Grunya or Pear, telling me that it’s just a coincidence,” – said Alexander in the Studio.

Later checks on the lie detector was ex-girlfriend Vasilyeva, Maria. It is now known in Paris, the artist Poynder claims that gave birth to her son 28 years ago, after the split with Vasilyev. The woman shied away from the answers of experts in the Studio talk show “In fact”.

“Mary, this child, the son of Alexander?” asked the experts.”History is silent, will refrain from answering. Once we were close, part of him remained in me. Fate is so written,” replied Maria experts in the Studio.
Александру Васильеву приписали отцовство

The experts agreed that Maria and Alexander did not want to speak the truth, and make a play in the Studio talk show. However, experts said that the probability of paternity Vasiliev remains, because the former beloved, do not remember the exact date of the last location, and when Maria got pregnant.

Was inevitable for this pair. As explained Poynder, they would not be able to get married and keep the relationship, because both creative and loving freedom.

“Creatively, you can open up outside of marriage, where both halves can fully realize themselves. You must remain faithful to yourself”, said Maria.

Today, however, Maria and Alexander often travel together and relax. Vasilyev periodically visits a former lover in Paris. Alexander admitted that during the joint voyages they live in the same room and sleep in the same bed. Fashion historian admitted that he could have been born children from Poynder, if they lived together. However, experts have not managed to bring the heroes to clean water.