Внебрачный сын Муслима Магомаева получил результат ДНК-теста Andrei Katkov convinced that the famous singer is his father. A young man came to the Studio with my mom, to tell the story of their family. The woman is sure that her child was born of Muslim Magomayev.
Внебрачный сын Муслима Магомаева получил результат ДНК-теста

In 2008, the year of the famous singer Muslim Magomayev was gone. The actor was married twice – first marriage to his College sweetheart Ophelia he has a daughter Marina. After the divorce he married Tamara Sinyavskaya – it was close to the end of his days.

Today, however, the Studio program “Let them talk” was 27-year-old musician Andrei Katkov with his mother Elena. The woman is convinced that her son was born of Magomayev. In 1979, she worked at the famous artist’s personal photographer. Elena admits that was a fan of the singer, was often at his house, and even listened in the stairwell, as he rehearses.

Katkov sure that an intimate relationship with Magomayev she was in Baku. She carefully keeps in mind all the memories associated with a favorite artist. She was in the house in Baku together with a friend. “There, on the balcony in Baku, he raised a toast and said, “I want to drink for Lena, who in the most difficult moment of my life is near.” I’m proud that in a difficult moment, I extended his life” – says the woman.

Elena also said that Magomayev wanted a baby. Moreover, according to her, he even went out with him. Moreover, even the wife of the Muslim Magometovich made them company.

“This one here is a child when he appeared, and he held it in his hands, it’s such a spiritual connection, he was so delighted with this bag. Went on walks with him, with Andrew, always a Muslim, took my dog, and Tamara went,” – said Katkov.
Внебрачный сын Муслима Магомаева получил результат ДНК-теста

The alleged son Magomayev admitted that before 18 years of age considered his father Vladimir Katkov. According to him, he began to speak, and some recalled his voice from the famous singer. Moreover, the audience even asked, not whether he is his relative.

Many experts in the Studio, including brother actor Yuri Magomayev son and I were outraged by such rhetoric Helen and Andrew. They do not believe that a young man like Muslim of Magometovich. Some guests of the talk show even accused the family Roller in that they took the example of Timur Yeremeyev, who said about his relationship with Spartak Mishulin do with his life, and 12 years after the death.

Of course, the editors of “Let them talk” decided to organize a DNA examination – they took the biomaterial Andrei, Yuri Magomaev and his son.

“With a probability of 88% Andrei is not a relative of Yuri L.”, – said the expert DNA center Snezhana Queen.

As an employee of the laboratory added that to establish blood relationship is very difficult, because Yuri L. and Muslim Magomedovich half-brothers. Therefore, further review with other relatives of the famous family.