Григория Лепса все-таки пустят с концертами в Израиль Knesset member got permission to enter for the singer. Last week “StarHit” already wrote that the Russian singer Grigory Leps was denied entry to Israel without explanation. The artist has planned two concerts – one in Haifa and one in tel Aviv.
Григория Лепса все-таки пустят с концертами в Израиль

The words shocked the organizer of the tour, all the musicians and technical team with Gregory, got permission, and the only one who is “wrapped” proved himself Leps.

Israeli politician, Knesset member Yulia Malinovskaya intervened and sent an emergency appeal to the Minister of internal security, Gilad Ardana and geninspektora police with the requirement to explain the basis on which popular singer, who just yesterday made tours in Europe and repeatedly visited Israel, without any explanation closed entry into the country.

“We went to court, the answer was supposed to be on may 23 but they gave it early, – has shared with “StarHit” the Deputy of the Yulia Malinovskaya. – The miracle happened: the Israeli police admitted their mistakes. It turned out that Grigory Leps is not a threat to the national security of our country. And he might come and give here their concerts. Israeli police double-checked their actions and made the right decision.”

Recall, this is not the first time that Leps be denied entry to the country. Five years ago he, for example, was denied a visa in the United States, accused of having links with the Russian mafia. The Americans said that the actor allegedly linked to some criminal organisation “the brotherly circle”. The situation since then has not changed. Two years ago, the actor also refused even entry to Britain.

By the way, Yulia Malinovskaya admitted to the concert of Leps is not going, but glad I was able to help the singer’s fans who have long waited for his speech.