The idol of “Mr Synthol” warned him against the amputation of hands

Кумир «мистера Синтола» предостерег его от ампутации рук Cyril Tereshin met with Brazilian bodybuilder Romario DOS Santos Alves. Meeting “sinologa rolling” with a famous athlete was held in the program Andrei Malakhov. Foreign guest tried to persuade Cyril to stop using dangerous drug.
Кумир «мистера Синтола» предостерег его от ампутации рук

“Sinology Jock” Cyril Tereshin has become a hero “program Andrey Malakhov. Live”. A resident of Pyatigorsk continues to experiment on himself. In a live TV show Tereshin said about the radical, according to many, the change in appearance – he changed the hair color and haircut, shaved off my eyebrows and decided on a bright makeup. In addition, the young man met his idol – Brazilian bodybuilder Romario DOS Santos Alves, who dreamed of becoming a DoppelgangeR of the Hulk.

According to the Tereshin, he has no plans to stop. In the future he is going to change the name.

“As for my hair, I picked colors that I like and fit. In the future I would like to change the face and the name, surname and patronymic. Want to be like alien. There are thumbnails of image of who I want to become”, – said Kirill.
Кумир «мистера Синтола» предостерег его от ампутации рук

According to Tereshina, he can’t have Instagram account, as fakes have been complaining about it in the administration of the social network, posing as the real “Mr. Synthol”. As told to Cyril, he does not complain about the lack of attention from the fairer sex. “Sometimes girls come up to me and say, “You’re so beautiful with makeup! I like guys that are different from everyone”. And there are many,” said Tereshin.

The experts gathered in the Studio and unambiguously to the conduct of Cyril. Many believe that “Mr. Synthol” affects become overgrown generation. According to the triple champion of Russia on fitness bikini Natalia Lugovsky, you need to stop to discuss Tereshina. “He will not have the motivation to continue to do so. He’s just calm down,” assured the blonde. Blogger Ilya Belov joined her in the discussion. He said that Kirill will not stop.

“He will continue to modify itself as long as something is not going to happen. Last transfer he only came up with synthol and now he and bow lips, eyebrows house. I don’t know what he looks like. After everyone found out about his hands, the wave of discussions subsided. So he went on. It will not stop, he will kill me” sharply spoke the young man.
Кумир «мистера Синтола» предостерег его от ампутации рук

Mom Tereshina Irina also participated in the filming of the program. She hadn’t seen Cyril. The woman didn’t like the experiments of a young man, but he does not listen to loved ones. “This is my son? What is it? The case when the child played, if only not injected… Stop, please,” said the mother of Cyril, barely holding back tears.

The Brazilian Romario OS Santos Alves, who wanted to be just like the Hulk, he shared his experience with Teresina. Bodybuiler long time took synthol, then nearly lost both hands.

“I started training at the age of 15. After five years of training, I started using synthol and steroids of animal origin. However, I started to have health problems. I now support the muscles with proper nutrition – told DOS Santos. – I also had redness on his hands. I would advise to stop doing this, because hands need to pump in a natural way. The life has no price. Cyril may be very serious problems.”
Кумир «мистера Синтола» предостерег его от ампутации рук

In the program also told about the operation, which recently moved Tereshin. “Mr. Synthol” has decided to insert himself implants in caviar. Plastic surgeon, was present in the Studio, focused on the fact that Cyril made the basis for further work in the gym.