Sergey Nitievskiy about “the Ural pelmeni”: “They will be ashamed”

Сергей Нетиевский об «Уральских пельменях»: «Им будет стыдно» Now the producer is starting a new project. Sergey Nitievskiy tries not to pay attention to the claims that served his former colleagues. Despite the fact that showdown in the courts disliked him, now he knows how to put work to avoid such consequences.
Сергей Нетиевский об «Уральских пельменях»: «Им будет стыдно»

Sergey Nitievskiy became famous thanks to the team of KVN “Ural pelmeni”. For the past five years, the team struggled for a rank of the winner and in 2000-m to year, has finally reached the coveted victory. However, after this the career of the television has not ended – after nine years on the screens out of the show “Ural dumplings”, which finds an echo in the hearts of millions of Russians, and the participants become real stars.

Sergey Nitievskiy launched this show to STS and for several years acted as producer of the team. Now, however, between the staff and the former head of the chasm of misunderstanding – they meet in the courts. One of the recent cases, a meeting which will be held on January 30, causing Sergei bewilderment. He was asked 28 million rubles.

“The lawyers sum up all the expenses from concerts that we organized in 2014-2015. I acted as producer. The money was spent somewhere in the 16 shows, each 1.5-2 million in total. It includes props, costumes, and hall, and many other things, without which it is impossible to create a show. Now I’m surprised to hear about the lawsuit as if you guys didn’t know how I organized concerts. What they expect in court? Apparently, the current leadership of the “Dumplings” – or rather, Evgeny Orlov, wants to annoy me. Although four years had elapsed,” – said Nitievskiy “StarHit”.

Sergey admitted that he now tries not to pay attention to numerous lawsuits and concentrate on new achievements. This fall he plans to launch a new television Comedy project. While he chose the title “Funny time”.

“We want to focus on the young public. We are now making first program – invite stars of KVN, which knows the new generation. I hope that the transfer will be a success with viewers,” says Nitievskiy.

Sergey noted that he did not hold a grudge against the team. Moreover, he continues to communicate with some friends from “the Ural pelmeni”. Producer understands that former colleagues are attacked, defending against two claims that his company is “first Hand Media” filed in relation to “Ural pelmeni production” and participants in excess of 80 million. Nitievskiy believes that the later children will be ashamed of this situation. According to the producer, and now former colleagues have a lot of money. Ex-producer of “the Ural pelmeni” has given a harsh response to accusations

“I don’t know what makes them tick. I was promoting, producing, earning more money, and they were just like actors and authors. Nobody does not detract from their talent – all doing their job, but how many bright talented people can’t see the audience, they do not appear on TV until with them will not work the producers and while some shows fail, this too should not be forgotten. The producers have to do a lot of work to launch and promote, choose the format to build relationships with the channel, with all the right people and services for production. And when it comes to popularity, the actors think it is only their merit, and the producer receives undeserved dividends. I think all the showrunners I understand this often happens in the world of show business,” says Nitievskiy.

However, from a conflict situation Sergei tries to extract important details. One of the errors in his work with “the Ural pelmeni” he sees that too was entrusted to the project Manager, Evgeny Orlov, who, in his opinion, made on behalf of the company a number of doubtful transactions and made loans to multi-million amount. For his new project Nitievskiy have not yet chosen the person who will be able to entrust important matters.

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