The husband of Victoria Beckham has spared Prince William

Супруг Виктории Бекхэм обошел принца Уильяма
David Beckham has achieved success thanks to his wife.

Супруг Виктории Бекхэм обошел принца Уильяма

Victoria and David Beckham


Супруг Виктории Бекхэм обошел принца Уильяма

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As it became
you know, the results of a survey conducted by the authoritative edition of GQ magazine, the “Most stylish
a man in Britain” was named David Beckham.

by the way, he managed to bypass the extremely strong competitors. After all, the second this
the list was none other than Prince William, spouse of recognized “style icon” of the Duchess
Cambridge! And in third position was another master look elegant
in all circumstances — Daniel Craig, who played four famous agent

Curiously, the fourth in the prestigious ranking was the Patriarch of the British Royal family, Queen Elizabeth husband, Prince Philip. After all, in spite of his advanced age (he had turned 94 years), each time appearing in public, looks perfectly stylish. Incidentally, last year he headed the list of most elegant men of Britain.

Супруг Виктории Бекхэм обошел принца Уильяма

Elizabeth II Prince Philip

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By the way, some experts in the field of fashion believe: both the winner and David Beckham, and Prince William owe the win to their wives. In fact, Victoria has become a successful professional designer, has repeatedly hinted that her husband gives tips on the part of his wardrobe. And Prince William, who last year did not even make the top ten most stylish, at this time, owing to the fact that the last time they appeared in public together with his wife Duchess Catherine, wearing the very highest level. The rising popularity of William, especially contributed to his recent trip to India, where every time he appeared before the camera lenses of photographers in elaborate costumes next to his immaculate spouse.

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge

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