The husband of Lisa Maria Presley very sick

Муж Лайзы Марии Пресли очень болен

The husband of Lisa Maria Presley Michael Lockwood has big heart problems for a long time, but only recently, after his condition became critical, she alerted the media.

The daughter of the king of rock ‘ n ‘ roll Elvis Presley just inconsolable in her grief – her husband needs emergency surgery. 54-year-old rocker who hid their health problems even from his beloved wife, but now everybody knows about them. A source close to the family of celebrities, admitted to journalists that the operation in the heart of Lockwood will be held very soon (if not already passed).
“Michael passed a stress test on a treadmill with your doctor. His heart started racing, he thought it would jump out of his chest. He already thought that dies” said the insider. The doctor had to use a defibrillator to save the patient’s life. After a horrible incident Lockwood was taken to the hospital.
Doctors warned that such a sudden attack of arrhythmia may cause him a stroke and can cause heart failure, blood clots and other heart problems.
In light of recent events, a music producer already adjusted their way of life, but this is not enough and the operation is inevitable, otherwise his life can be compared to sitting on a powder keg, ready to explode at any minute.

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