Malia Obama will rest before studying at Harvard for a year

Малия Обама будет отдыхать перед учёбой в Гарварде целый год

The eldest daughter of the President of the United States of America Barack Obama Malia Obama, who this year finishes school Sidwell Frends, will become a student of Harvard University. But for learning, it would begin not this year, and in the fall of 2017. A year Malia going to relax and to engage in social work.

Малия Обама будет отдыхать перед учёбой в Гарварде целый год
“Barack and Michelle Obama said today that their eldest daughter Malia will travel to Harvard University in the fall of 2017. She decided to take a year off before you start training,” — said in the White house.

This choice is not new and not uncommon for America. Seniors often devote a year before University to travel and Hobbies, and already then start to learn, and at Harvard University and does encourage such a choice students – it is believed that a rested, young people have wider horizons and with great zeal begin training.
By the way, Barack Obama recently said that he and his family will live in Washington for a few years, because the youngest daughter Sasha are here to finish school.

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