The husband of Kim Kardashian was the victim of a family curse

Муж Ким Кардашьян стал жертвой семейного проклятия
Kanye West suffers from acute paranoia.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Photo: @ @ kimkardashian/Instagram

health wife, Kim Kardashian — Kanye West hospitalized last
week in a psychiatric hospital, still far from the norm. Although initially
it was reported that he only needs rest, but his condition is the result of insomnia and fatigue, all
was much more serious. And one of the friends of the rapper admitted he believes that
Kanye was a victim of the family curse haunting the men who risked
to contact the women of the Kardashian family.

has now become known, Kanye had to be hospitalized immediately after
he happened to attack rampage. Being your personal trainer, he attacked
one of the employees of the sports complex. While West said his
attack the demons. It turned out that the rapper suffered from acute hallucinations. So
when the doctors arrived, he took them for a new batch of preying on his enemies and
rendered desperate resistance. As a result, in the ambulance, Kanye failed
to deliver only chained him to the stretcher with handcuffs.

a week of treatment he, alas, still far from recovery. Diagnosis
West, reads: paranoia and acute depression. Incidentally, the wife of Kanye and mother of two of his children — Kim, cancelling all their events, immediately flew
in Los Angeles and spent the week in the hospital, helping to care for her husband.
The doctors have promised the reality show star that if the patient’s condition will be
positive dynamics, it can write under its responsibility.

that, buddy West — rapper Akon believes that
the disease is Kanye is not an accident. According to him, all who dare to link their fate with
the ladies of the Kardashian family, have serious problems. As proof
his version, he mentioned the fate of Lamar Odom, former husband of Khloe Kardashian,
who last year almost died due to accidental overdose. And
also Desika Scott, a former boyfriend and the father of the children of another sister of Kim, Courtney, who is in rehab for treatment