Ilya Glinnikov becomes the hero of the show “the Bachelor”

Илья Глинников станет героем шоу «Холостяк»
Star of TV series “Interns” will try to find their destiny in a reality show.

Ilya Glinnikov and Aglaia Tarasova

Photo: TNT

One of the main contenders for participation in the popular TV show
it was considered the mentor of the show “Dances” Miguel. But today, it was reported that the choice
already fell to another bachelor — star of channel TNT, a 32-year-old actor Ilya

Until recently, the sweetheart of Elijah was his partner on
the TV series “Interns” Aglaia Tarasova. Their romance can be safely called the Italian,
because the actors many times together and again parted. At the moment Glinnikov
free again and accepted the offer to try his luck in a new project.

Recall that the heroes of the previous seasons of “the Bachelor” was Eugene
Levchenko, Maxim Cherniavsky, Timur Batrutdinov and Alexei Vorobiev, for which
the finale was quite dramatic. Actor for a long time came to himself after
the end of the reality show. According to him, he seriously hoped to find the love
his life, while many participants perceived this show as a game.