Вражде конец: Анастасия Волочкова помирилась со звездной соперницей
The audience of the concert, Valerie witnessed the touching scene.

Anastasia Volochkova and Valeria

Photo: Social networks

In relationships, Valerie and Anastasia Volochkova thaw. The two stars found a way to reconciliation. The dancer was spotted among the spectators at the concert artist, celebrated this year its 50th anniversary.

Anastasia came to the concert of Valeria not with empty hands. It is reported that after the execution of Valeria one of the hits Volochkova went on stage and handed the singer a luxurious bouquet of white roses (to them, the former Bolshoi theater, as you know, a special passion).

Conflict Anastasia and Valeria began in 2014. Then “the Queen of twine” roughly spoke about the singer and her husband Joseph Prigogine. As it turned out, Volochkova rudeness was provoked by the journalists that are misinformed dancer. In the same year Volochkova brought the singer and her husband a public apology. However, for more than four years, the relationship of the dancer and the star couple were strained.

Now, however, about the conflict Valeria and Anastasia can be forgotten. Two stars of domestic show-business has buried the hatchet. “The long-awaited reconciliation, as Volochkova has long regretted the fact that once spoke sharply about the colleagues”, — said Teleprogramma.pro.