The last role of Dmitry Marjanova cut from the film

Последнюю роль Дмитрия Марьянова вырезали из фильма The shooting of the series “Operation Muhabbat” was held in the summer of 2016. Dmitry Maryanov played in it Mikhail Gorbachev.
Последнюю роль Дмитрия Марьянова вырезали из фильма

When the samples of the actor has left the makeup and the film-makers saw the score, I was amazed at how Maryanov similar to the first President of the USSR. The premiere will be held today, April 23, on “Russia 1”. However Maranova there at the last moment of the scene with its participation was removed.

“We have provided the full and abridged versions, it is common practice, – told the “StarHit” in the company Star Media, who filmed the project. In the end, chose the option in which the nine series and no hero Dmitry Maryanova. He is very charismatic, but not a major role, the storyline didn’t suffer. Perhaps after the premiere of the series will buy someone else, and viewers will see all 12 episodes”.

Area – look at Gorbachev in the performance of the actor – came the wife Ksenia and daughter Anfisa. Girlfriend could not resist and posted on Facebook a picture from the shoot and jokingly signed: “I, as the wife of the last Secretary General do not understand! Where’s my hat?! What the hell?! Not… not… not! Why am I still good?”

Последнюю роль Дмитрия Марьянова вырезали из фильма
In mid-April, 15th, marks six months as did not Maryanova. The artist died on the way from rehab to the hospital, he had a clot.

“Dima was a genius, and not because my husband, – has shared with “StarHit” the widow. – I to their objective. He was given any role. Sure, and the woman would be portrayed. Played even back. In this project, Dima had a little shooting days, but no! That footage of him cut out… Sorry”. Xenia admitted that it is difficult recovering from loss, recovering and even got a job as a psychologist. The only BIC still can not get the results of the medical examination (usually this procedure takes no more than 30 days), which will shed light on the true causes of the death of a spouse.