The host of “Wait for me” Sergey Shakurov revealed the causes of conflicts with his son and young wife

Ведущий «Жди меня» Сергей Шакуров раскрыл причины конфликтов с сыном и молодой женой The actor was the guest of the program “One day”. Sergey Shakurov told about the relationship with his wife and problems in raising a third child. The artist admits that sometimes he can be difficult to find a common language with the heir.
Ведущий «Жди меня» Сергей Шакуров раскрыл причины конфликтов с сыном и молодой женой

October 27 premiere of the updated program “Wait for me”. Its presenters were Julia Vysotsky and Sergey Shakurov. Fans of the show unanimously decided that the actors manage to feel every story of the heroes of the program and support them.

Sergey Shakurov is not used to spread about his personal life, but for the sake of the program “One day” the man made an exception. He talked about the relationship with his wife Catherine, who his Junior for 30 years.

“Love in the morning to sing something from the classics. For example, a song from the film “Jolly fellows”. Raise the mood for the whole family. I like it,” said the man.

Despite the fact that the couple have been together for 15 years, they still managed to keep the romance alive. Now Shakurova problems arise rather in communion with the son than his wife. According to Sergei Kayumovich, he was able to fully appreciate all the delights of fatherhood only after the birth of her third child. However, the 13-year-old Marat complicated nature and, therefore, the Pope is often difficult to find a common language with him.

“Control it or guide it is simply impossible. He was a character and used to do the opposite. Maybe 16 years all will change but for now it is simply impossible. It is very hard to negotiate. However, in this situation there are two advantages. First, Marat reads a lot, and secondly, he has a great sense of humor,” said the man.

Despite the complex nature of the heir, Sergei Kayumovich tries to communicate with the child. He doesn’t want to interfere with Marat develop as a person, but still hopes that with age the boy will be able to change.

Now Sergey Shakurov tries to spend all his free time with his family. In between numerous shots he’s having fun in the company of the younger son and wife. The actor does not deny that even at the age of 75, he remains optimistic. The man is not afraid of old age and full of energy.

“I always get up early, can’t lie in bed till 12. All the time interested in something new. Now am going to prepare a diploma with one of the students. I think in nature everything is arranged correctly. People should not live 300 years, even 200 should not, because then he will not achieve anything. Therefore, we strive to go forward, because afraid something not in time”, – said Shakur.