Rustam Solntsev: “the ISA and Gufa drawn to each other”

Рустам Солнцев: «Айзу и Гуфа тянет друг к другу» The showman spoke to the former spouse. ISA and Guf scandal on the Network. The rapper first recorded Diss to ex-wife’s family, she also answered it in the released rap video. According to Rustam Solntsev, a businesswoman might be bored with her current lover.
Рустам Солнцев: «Айзу и Гуфа тянет друг к другу»

The scandal surrounding the pairs of ex-spouses ISA Anokhina and rapper Guf, who divorced four years ago, is gaining momentum. In recent years, old lovers feel each other sympathy, talking solely for the sake of 7-year-old son Sam. But at the end of October, after Gough released the Diss, which made unflattering comments about the current husband of ISA, between them, again began hostilities.

ISA replied Gufu, presenting a video in which he lectured ex-husband for immoral behavior. In the work businesswoman has the following lines: “I don’t need the hit, I don’t need a new Supreme, and this is Louis Vuitto. I don’t need to offer you the world, no one wants you, like your new album. You touched my and crossed the line, that dirty song you’ll never get away with it. I only care about my family.”

ISA Anokhina publicly humiliated Gufa

ISA said that the son in the course of their quarrels with the father and is very upset with this behavior of Pope. Showman Rustam Solntsev could not remain aloof from the conflict and spoke to the celebrities in their category “Mamadorogaya”, where every week gives the characteristics of the peers.

“The question today about a couple that breaks up everything and leave, Yes leave can not, – began his video the sun. – I do not understand why you go for each other, as for the Golden goose? What are you guys doing to us? How many news was… Isock been married for others, with these statements that can’t see the former and will not allow him to communicate with the child, and the Guf is also not far away, though, seem to have other girls and he even had an affair with Keti Topuria… And still they lag behind from each other, Diss each other on the street.

I do not understand, can Mishan ISA, surfer boy, good, in fact, the guy is boring and so drawn her to your ex? Well, Dana Borisova more children to be only, a friend of my ex. Which memory in Thailand lost its. Asked, they say, come, Guf to me to be treated for drug addiction. Maybe ISA for him, too, as dekabristka going?” – said Rustam.