The hero of the series “Street” repeated the fate of the deceased actor

Герой сериала «Улица» повторил судьбу погибшего актера
The first season of the popular project ended tragically.

Photo: still from the TV series

Since October of last year on channel TNT a success in the TV series “the Street”, which tells the story of the residents of the area on the outskirts of Moscow. Everything is everywhere: tragedy, drama, love, happiness, crime… However, began the series with the most pleasant of events.

A week before the premiere of “the Streets” on TV, was tragically killed one of the main characters of the series. 18-year-old Yegor Konaev, performer of Lehi, was traveling on the ring road behind the wheel of your own car, which was purchased just a few months before his death. The young actor saw his eyes had a serious accident and stopped to help the victims. In that moment, when Yegor ran to the scene, his death hit by a car.

At that time, was captured about half of the first season of the series. Hero Clineva Leh by “happy” coincidence in the story briefly went to America to his mother. At least the writers didn’t have extra to figure out what happened to the hero. Fans of Egor series and thought that his character don’t go there — it would be logical. He is very liked by the audience and it is unlikely that the producers decided to replace him with another actor.

But the creators of the series decided to add some drama to your project. So they wanted first to return Leh in the series, and then “kill”. In the last episodes of the first season it became known that Alexei returned to Russia. But, alas, he never arrives to the house — killed in an accident on the way from the airport.

For what it was made — for the sake of PR, or, conversely, to honor the memory of the deceased actor, is unclear. But the fans are indignant: they don’t understand why it was reopening the wounds of the relatives of the actor. Because for them this series, which was released after the death of Clineva, was the illusion that Egor just left. And now she was so rudely interrupted, and reminded of the grief, having played him in the series.