Changes on the Ground: Ekaterina Andreeva commented on his “dismissal”

Перемены на Первом: Екатерина Андреева прокомментировала свое «увольнение»
In the program “Time” the lead replaced Kirill Kleimenov.

Перемены на Первом: Екатерина Андреева прокомментировала свое «увольнение»

Photo: Yury Feklistov

All fans of the program “Vremya” on channel one last night was a surprise. Suddenly, without warning instead of Ekaterina Andreeva in the air there’s a new leader. They became Kirill Kleimenov, which in recent years has held the position of Director of information programs of the First channel. In fact, he had not ceased “to lead the news,” will now be just to combine. By the way, called kleimenova new host is not quite true: 10 years ago, he was “Time” on a regular basis.

Also the changes were made and the Studio program “Time”. The First channel has created a new, high-tech Studio. For the first time on Russian television news anchor can not only read the text, but also interact with graphics, moving around the Studio. This, incidentally, explains the fact that the air appeared Kleimenov. While the rest of the top study a complex system of reference news in Studio updated, it will appear on the air itself. At the moment it is reported that Andreev will not appear on the TV screens in the usual time prior to March 18, 2018.

Photo: Instagram

Does the air Ekaterina Andreeva will not be lost. She, like other presenters, will go to the regional orbit, and will also appear in the air in a Saturday news release.

In social networks, where it is Andreev already started a riot. TV presenter “inundated” with requests to return to the airwaves: “Please come back!”, “No news of you some not so!”, “Is your “Time” is over!”

Ekaterina Andreeva did not survive the onslaught of fans, not ready for such changes. She replied to fans as follows: “My “Time,” can not finish — from the Volga to the Yenisey — I’m taking “Time” for the whole country. And Moscow, as you know, is not the whole Russia. All Russia much more than Moscow!”

Recall that Ekaterina Andreeva became the leading program “Time” in 1997. The broadcast in 2018 celebrates 50-year anniversary, and almost half of the period Andreeva is its undisputed leading.