Наследница Порошиной и Куценко стала точной копией матери The actress published the picture, which poses the photographer with the heiress. Fans admitted that they were surprised by the similarity of the beauties, but also left a lot of compliments appearance Poroshina.

Recently my daughter Gosha Kutsenko and Maria Poroshina was fantastic. Polina graduated from the theatre Institute named after Boris Shchukin. The girl’s mother shared with followers microblogging good news, and published a few shots from the event. To support aspiring actress came closest: parents and grandmother.

The fans were delighted with what they saw photos. They believe that Mary and Pauline are as similar as two drops of water. The celebrity was dressed in a white dress decorated with flowers of unusual shape and a graduate appeared before the public in a black fitted outfit. Users of the social network have left many messages with compliments to relatives.

“How do you like my daughter!”, “Not at first understood who you where, Polinochka my mother’s smile”, “just like mommy. It is simply impossible to distinguish” “Such incredibly beautiful girls. Super!”, “The daughter is very like you, CC! One hundred percent,” “Maria, you are my favorite actress! Very similar”, “Like sisters! What beauties! I love you,” “a Very unusual appearance, charming girl, like a mother,” wrote a follower.

It is worth noting that not so long ago Polina to start an independent life, moving from mom to the young man. Deputy beauty Director, her senior by several years. The blonde already gets a small role in the movie, and plans to create a project with him. In an interview Poroshina has told, that approved the choice of the successor and looked forward to their long life together. She noted that the girl dreams about her wedding day and a big family, but while in the first place puts self-development and career growth.

Pauline tries to listen to the advice of parents and to share with them the details of his personal life. Recall that despite the divorce, Maria and Gosha were able to maintain a great relationship. The gap pair has occurred due to infidelity of the artist. Recently Kutsenko frankly admitted that periodically saw other women, knew what Poroshina. The actress has found the strength not to make the wrong scandals and leave quietly. The singer stressed that his behavior was dictated by a difficult period of the mid-nineties, when he was unable to resist the temptations.