СМИ обсуждают свадьбу Пэрис Хилтон с харизматичным актером 36-year-old socialite is planning the future with the chosen one. In February, Paris Hilton introduced her lover, artist Chris Zylka. According to foreign publications, now a couple chooses a wedding ring.

In the mid-2000s the name of a famous blonde Paris Hilton has boomed around the world. Since 2003, she was the heroine of a popular reality show in the U.S. “the Simple life”. Also the heir to a family hotel business regularly fell into the society pages. However, the reason to be on magazine covers often become her outrageous antics. Over time, glory girl began to fade.

But now about Hilton once again talking to the Western media. The reason for the increased interest in her person was the news of her imminent marriage. The elect, actor Chris Zylka, she presented in February of this year. However, in the close environment of the celebrities say that their relationship is more than serious, and the couple even thinks about getting married.

“Paris is convinced that she wants to spend the rest of my life with my boyfriend Chris, and they are seriously planning a happy future together,” – said approximate socialite. – The couple revealed the plans for their engagement, marriage and even the birth of a child. The first step is engagement, and the couple currently goes shopping in Beverly hills in search of a ring suitable for Paris”.

I must say that the 36-year-old Hilton was violent novels that often become public knowledge. At least three times she made the offer of marriage, but neither her engagement never led to marriage. In 2002, she was going to marry Jason Shaw. Then she thought seriously about becoming the wife of the heir of Greek shipowners Paris Latsis. But five months later Paris changed her mind and refused the man. In 2016 she broke it off with the billionaire by Thomas gross.

Chris is known for his roles in such films as “Hannah Montana,” “Cougar Town”, “Already! But it’s very scary”, “New Spiderman” and others. Fans hope that now Hilton found her soul mate and get married with 32-year-old actor.

“Chris and Paris are looking for a ring, elegant and stylish, which does not go to any comparison with the previous jewelry,” – said the source publication HollywoodLife.