Наследник династии Маликовых стал поваром 17-year-old nephew Dmitry Malikov has become very successful. The young man gained enough experience in cooking and starts a cooking show.

      Наследник династии Маликовых стал поваром

      Dynasty is renowned for Carried by many generations of musical talent. People’s artist Yury Fedorovich Malikov raised two talented and musical children Dmitry and Inna. Granddaughter of the Creator of the “Gems” Stephanie went in his father’s footsteps and became a singer. Dmitry and his successor has already performed on the same stage. But her son chose a different profession. He decided to succeed in the culinary arts.

      Dmitry Malikov-the youngest only 17 years old. However, he will give odds to many of the capital’s chefs. A young man feeds the entire family – often satisfied with home-cooked dinners and treats native delicious dishes. In April, the young man starts his own project. He organized a cooking show “the buffet”. The event will be held in one of the largest Metropolitan shopping center.

      To help his cousin will come Stesha Malikova. Maybe Dima will cook, his sister will entertain the guests of the master class of good song. Likely to maintain young chefs are his close friends, including the son of the famous restaurateur Arkady Novikov Nikita, Valeria’s son Arseny Shulgin, and the son of Christina Orbakaite Denis Baysarov. In addition, the guys have friendly relations and with Stefania.

      Наследник династии Маликовых стал поваром

      We will remind, last month the charming daughter of Dmitry Malikov has celebrated its 16th birthday. However, the guys at her party she didn’t invite, and arranged a bachelorette party. With the holiday Stesha helped dad. It was his gift to the heir.

      The composer and his wife Elena Malikova touching congratulated beloved daughter happy birthday, published in his microblog pictures of little Stephanie. A lot of good words in the address the girl had heard from friends and subscribers on Instagram. “Thank you all for the congratulations! – Stefania Malikov thanked their fans. – Love you very much and appreciate every written word. I wish that everything you wish me back twice, maybe triple all of you”.

      By the way, the young lady often receives special attentions from admirers. Recently, she posted a photo of a bouquet that weighs over forty pounds. It is adorned with white flowers on pink background letter S is the first letter in the name of the daughter of the singer. “1111 roses… Love and appreciate each other!”, – signed a publishing Stephanie.

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