Красота требует жертв: Ольга Кабо в открытом платье под снегопадом

At the opening of the film festival “Golden knight” in Perm, the actress was not afraid to walk down the red carpet in elegant evening outfit with open arms, despite the cold and snow. She told Woman’s Day that she feels 100% in any weather.

At the festival in Perm Olga Kabo arrived in a Blizzard. But did not change plans: during the opening walked the red carpet in the dress which is chose in advance.

— In Moscow today, the sun and the spring, – the actress explained to the correspondent of Woman’s Day. But it’s winter here. But that’s okay! After all, a Russian woman and a galloping horse will stop, and in a burning house, and in cold weather… the Weather in my appearance and mood influence can not – there is no bad weather. No matter the cold, wind or rain. Heat it in the shower. Today I met with my colleagues, the audience, and at home I have two children, a family. So I don’t care what the weather is. Important to friends, colleagues and family members were there.

My colorful life

— Acting life from this bright, – with a smile acknowledged Olga Kabo. But it is a daily creative cognition itself. Life consists not only of outstanding events, but from constant training, constant work, constant performances and constant touring. Maybe now I don’t have any Premier or creative, but I know my day is painted on minutes. In the Mossovet Theatre have performances that are like to come viewers. Now touring, including performances with the literary. This is my life, and it is for me bright.

In the spring I start download the film Alla Ilyinichna Surikova. It’s called “Love and sax”. This refers to the saxophone. Starring – Max Averin. Alla Ilyinichna connects me creative friendship and love since 1988 – I started to appear in her films “Two arrows” and “Crazy”. She is from people close to me with whom I can consult. It will help, prompt, will find the opportunity to invite me to their work. But about the role I can’t say.

Over the past decades, I do what brings joy and pleasure. Abandon projects that alien to me, don’t agree to work for just work. If there is no stud in the film, if there is no soul in a role, I’d rather spend time on their children.

Cartoons without monsters!

The younger son Victor, three and a half years old, I switched to another theme actress. Is he still watching old Soviet cartoons, which have cute characters, good story, made with love pictures. With regard to new foreign cartoons about monsters… I think that monsters son in life again. But to believe that good triumphs over evil, it is important now. So we watch a lot of films-fairy tales. Accustom him to the fact that you need to look good, beautiful, and most importantly – good movie. My daughter is seventeen and a half, she has her own taste, his own views. So it looks in different movies and then we just discuss it with her.

I am very glad that both babies have supple. Although Tanya no longer be called a child! They both trust me, we are friends.

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