Парни из группы «Кватро» 25 лет вместе My story about the advocates of classical and pop music on stage since the first grade. I first heard this Quartet at the Sretensky monastery many years ago, enthralled by the magnificent voices, gave them the disc in the musical version of “the First channel”.

    Парни из группы «Кватро» 25 лет вместе

    More Leonid ovruckogo, Anton Sergeev, Denis Vertunov and Anton Boglevskaya waited for a victory in competition “Five stars” in Sochi, and then the endless touring, performances. Today they are permanent participants of the days of the city, the official receptions of the Russian President, the Governor’s balls. Producer projects “Quattro” “the Eternal city – eternal music”, “Grandchildren of veterans” and the classic show “Entertaining Opera” are supported at the state level. And after the traditional March concert in the Kremlin, I learned that the band members are celebrating the jubilee – 25 years on stage (to sing the men started with the first class)! And then opened the other incredible facts of life Quartet.

    In the program of the annual charity concert in front of the theater “Quattro” definitely adds a special room – the choir of boys of Academy of choral art. The graduates of this educational institution, Leonid, Anton, Denis and Anton to remember as he fled the rehearsal of Viktor Sergeevich Popov – the founder then constantly flashed on TV a Large children’s choir. The competition in the team was huge – 15 people in place. With special pleasure the guys sang at DHL hits such as “Lost dog” and “Coward does not play hockey”.

    The first listener vocal Quartet (the group then still had no name) was the clipboard lady who, taking pity on the young talents of the staff opened them for rehearsals of the children’s class. To unite into a Quartet of guys was not planned. Everyone was engaged in your career: Opera and Symphony conducting, Motorsport, one of the participants wanted to leave the monastery. But the dream of a professional stage took over. Over the years, “Quatro” was released on the most prestigious venues in the country and the world. They even applauded the audience of the London Royal hall of arts Royal Albert Hall.

    After learning that their pupils are going to fulfill not only the classics but also pop songs, teachers first gave them a filibuster, but when he saw how serious the boys are to work, changed attitude.
    Парни из группы «Кватро» 25 лет вместе

    Once in the graduating class four almost expelled. Owrutsky says: “We were invited to France for the famous music festival in the city of Colmar. We have done a lot for the prestige of the festival Vladimir Spivakov, so on arrival we decided to start rehearsing right on the Central square. There are many restaurants, street musicians, the creativity is the most disposed. After a few songs we were surrounded by a dense crowd of tourists, coin on the pavement and fell, but suddenly notice that our Director though, and screaming along with all the “Bravo!”, but gives us strange signs. It turned out, ten meters away sat and dined with Vladimir Spivakov, and in the company of our rector Viktor Popov. On stiff legs we approached, said Hello, but it didn’t help. Victor S. said we dishonor the institution and the diplomas will not get. Only in Moscow, he changed the temper justice with mercy, and we have been restored”.

    Парни из группы «Кватро» 25 лет вместе

    Early in his career, to get noticed, they tried to participate in all competitions. In the “Secret of success” Valery Meladze invited members of the group to his back-up vocalists, and after the qualifying round of “New wave” members of the jury applauded them standing. Then, however, the Quartet is not passed, the judge explained that if you allow the guys to the finals, they will have no one to compete.

    When Anton Sergeev daughter was born – she was the first child in the “kvatro” (today in their “kindergarten” has three), guys on the joys rushed from the concert to the hospital and on the way crashed into each other. The first tour took place in Italy, where they arrived with suitcases full of canned food. Gladly it was not, but issued a per diem the boys managed to record the launch of the album.