Gleb Zhemchugov plunged into the abyss of depravity

Глеб Жемчугов окунулся в пучину разврата A former participant of a reality show filmed in a piquant situation. Fans of Gleb Zhemchugova surprised that he allows himself such behavior, however, other followers do not see anything wrong in how resting a divorced man.

      Глеб Жемчугов окунулся в пучину разврата

      The former participant “Houses-2” Gleb Zhemchugov recently broke up with his wife Olga in the Wind. Despite the fact that the couple grows little son Misha, a child couldn’t save their marriage. Now Gleb and Olga are trying to build their lives without each other. In the Network appeared the picture in which Pearl depicted with two girls. Apparently, the intimacy of the situation caused the man bare chested, and the young ladies were dressed in erotic underwear. This frame resonated among fans of the stars “House-2”.

      “I never cease to be surprised in this photo. Well did you, well, don’t show you everything. A child can see. Complete nonsense! Macho fucking”, “breaking bad…”, “Well, why not? A grown man, that you can’t relax anywhere. Everywhere will be removed. That is, of course, tin!” – discussed the users of the Network.

      However, some fans assumed the footage was taken during the filming of the video, and the Hleb would not allow himself to publish such photos, if it happened in real life. Not so long ago, Pearls were present while working on a new video of rapper David Nureyev, better known under his pseudonym birdy. The musician was published in the social network quite candid shots from the set. It is possible that in one of the scenes and took part Pearls.

      Himself a former member of the reality show confessed that once he had a stormy youth, and he led a rather dissolute life. He’s not serious about the girls and had many short novels. Not so long ago one of ex-lovers Gleb Zhemchugova Elina KOWALSKY addressed in a talk show to do a DNA test and find out whether the star of “House-2” the father of her daughter. Gleb Zhemchugova was dragged into the scandal with the illegitimate child

      Gleb tries to be a good parent. He devotes much time to the upbringing of his son Misha. Despite the fact that Pearl is suffering after a divorce with the Wind and wants her back, he’s pretty tolerant of the novels of the former spouse. Gleb Zhemchugov: “If the wife is not going to introduce me to boyfriend, I’ll find him myself”

      “I’m just giving OLE some wild oats. Now she’s trying to try everything new, let. When we came to the project, she was an ordinary girl, wanted to raise a child, now she has other priorities: money, shooting, self-development. It’s nice if she wants, let him try. I’m still waiting for her, and hope she’ll be back,” said Pearl.