Антон Гусев кардинально меняет жизнь Eks-the participant “Houses-2” have shared their thoughts with the fans. In recognition of Anton Gusev, he thought after a conversation with the more Mature and wise person. The young man also urged fans to be more thoughtful and responsible.

      27-year-old former member of “House-2” Anton Gusev has recently surprised fans with the unexpected news. The young man reported that he decided to change his Outlook on life. According to Anton, it happened after an important conversation with one person. Now Gusev is going to concentrate on the job and to put others before ourselves the right targets. In addition, he plans to get rid of one habit. According to Anton, life is too short to waste your time on trifles.

      “I spoke today with a very adult, intelligent and wise man… today even more thinking about their lives, about their daily life, each day time less and less, I work more and more. Now I will not work 24/7 , and 27/7… Throw a hookah (cigarettes never smoked, do not drink alcohol), a full seven hours of sleep, more to visit the temple, even more attention to nutrition and sports, to develop their personalities and lifestyles, meeting people and rational allocation of personal time. Life will pass, but will you leave after itself a trace, depends on you,” –p ovadal man.

      Then Anton hastened to appeal to the fans. He urged the subscribers to give more care to what they do every day. “Put the plans above work on yourself and your business, thoughts, eat right, exercise, take care of your health, choose a fellowship that is stronger than you, be strong spirit and train your endurance. All the very best”, – said Gusev.

      The reality star also hinted that for him is most important in life. Anton shared a photograph, which he captured, together with a charming son Daniel. Gusev proud of him and calls him “lion”.

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      Earlier the man had repeatedly confessed his love for his heir. Despite the fact that a former member of telestroke broke up with Eugenia Feofilaktova, it does not prevent the ex-spouse to spend time with the child. A young woman sees nothing wrong in communicating Daniel’s father and his new lover Victoria romanet. “Girls, enough about them already. This is not important, what matters is that my Danielczyk successfully passed a holiday,” wrote Eugene, holding the baby in Dubai together with her ex-husband. Anton Gusev: “I know that Jack never loved me”