Дочь Розы Сябитовой планирует занять ее место Xenia intends to follow in the footsteps of her mother. According to Rose Sabitova girl has everything you need for a successful career presenter. In the near future she will graduate in the relevant University and start a career on TV.

      Дочь Розы Сябитовой планирует занять ее место

      16-March on Russian screens out the picture “Lucky case” scenario Żory Gooseberry family. It starred the main teleshko country rose Sabitova. The woman played herself. In anticipation of the premiere leading met with reporters and talked not only about the filming of new Comedy, but about his family.

      In recognition of Rose, she sincerely proud of the successes of her daughter Xenia. Sabitova sure that girl will go far. Very soon she will receive vocational training, and then begin to build a career on TV. Presenter believes that she is growing a worthy replacement.

      “My daughter has already chosen the TV. She soon finishes school “Ostankino”. Xenia has ambitious plans: she was going to be at least the leading “Good morning”. And I think she could do it. Ksenia grew up on our project “let’s get married!”, it is in the format, knows everything, and the camera loves her. My daughter an excellent education, not one. She’s interesting, young, beautiful, talented. In General, a worthy replacement is growing. Do you think the daughter will go even further than I,” said the woman.

      As for the son of Rose Sabitova Denis, then, according to the leader, he has no plans to follow in the footsteps of the famous mother. “This is not his story. He wants to earn money, to marry and give birth at least three children,” – said teleshko.

      By the way, this year the star of the show “let’s get married!” celebrated its anniversary. Rose Syabitova is 55 years old. The celebration on this occasion took place in one of the luxurious capital of French cuisine, located on Rublevsky highway. To congratulate the woman came to her family and friends, including Irina Slutskaya, radio host Alisa Selezneva and Larisa Guzeeva. By the way, in a recent interview, rose admitted that she had a special relationship with another leading popular show of the First channel. “We are colleagues and professionals. I learned a lot from her”, – quotes the star of “Around the TV”.

      On that memorable night rose Sabitova has prepared many surprises, including a light show and a delicious treat. Environment celebrity remember this special day for a long time. It is worth noting that the woman looked terrific. Teleshko tried on the dress to the floor, accentuating her slender figure. Rose Sabitova performed a hot dance with a stripper