Павел Прилучный похвастался навороченной иномаркой The man shared with subscribers of the unusual features of the machine. Priluchnogo very impressed with the modern possibilities of transport control for hands-free use. Now fans are wondering, did the actor “Major” means of transportation or rented.

      Recently Paul posted in “Instagram” video, which showed the car equipped with the latest technologies. In the video, the star of “Posh” at first, passes him, and then gets behind the wheel and shows followers a new development.

      “Welcome, Paul”, – is displayed on the control panel. “Well, that is a nice thing,” says the actor. But most of all the man appreciated the music player. “So, what, I was wildly surprised by this topic. And if you want to switch, you need to do so. Looks pretty weird, but cool. And lots and lots and lots and lots of all sorts of different pieces, for example, sport mode, comfort,” described in detail and shown the necessary hand movements Priluchny.

      The car is blue with light leather interior immediately attracted the attention of subscribers. Fans began to wonder, did that car their idol or rented.

      “Are you still going to test it or have already bought?”, “Wow! Paul is not a machine but a dream! Would a man like you. Looks very cool! I hope they get that?”, “Still, the Germans are the absolute leaders in the automotive industry! To think it is necessary…”, “Cool and unusual. Progress goes forward. And it auto take, Paul will not be superfluous. In General, you, Pasha, as the most this machine?”, “How much can it cost? I would also like. Now I will show my husband every day, to see what is the way to go!” – praised the choice Priluchnogo fans.

      Apparently, the car is quite expensive and with the recent spending – Paul with his wife Agatha muceniece have purchased housing can still be pair can not afford. In a recent interview with “StarHit” the actor told the details of the purchase.

      Paul Priluchny: “my wife and I many times was on the verge of divorce”

      “Want to get married. Going to make everything beautiful, to invite friends, relatives. But it is expensive, and now all the money goes to a new home. Recently moved, but there are still many deficiencies. It’s all on me. The yard must be gentle – to prepare the land, plant trees, to build a public bath. Did the fireplace, hung a painting. We have been collecting. From each city instead of gifts we bring. Not necessarily expensive, as long as it was hand written and described the city, its mood. From Baku I came back with a canvas on which the street, where they filmed “the Diamond hand”. Near not clear that there is drawn, and from afar is seen as Mironov falls on the banana. A lot of places now – each kid has his own room. No one slap each other’s eyes.”