Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Yegor Halavin terrified of new transactions

Экс-участник «Дома-2» Егор Холявин ужаснул новыми операциями A young man dreams of becoming the Russian Ken. The first year, a former resident of telestroke conducting experiments on their own appearance. Halavin once again changed my body.

      On the eve of the former star of “House-2” Egor Holyavin again went under the surgeon’s knife. The man continues to improve their appearance in pursuit of the perfect face and figure. This time he underwent two plastic surgeries: rhinoplasty – nose reshaping and eyelid surgery eyelid surgery. A selfie with a plaster and a band-aid on the face in Instagram Yegor accompanied by explanatory text.

      “The reincarnation of Ken continues. I want to say a big thank you to wizard of his craft – the doctor. Thank you for the new face – the face of Ken. Ken puts his trust only the best experts in their fields! PS: Many will condemn me, but I’m ready for criticism. Write your comments”.

      In addition, Halavin added hashtags, thus giving to understand that to convince it will not work. “I will not stop”, “cont”, “diary of a Ken”, “Ken” wrote former participant of the TV project “Dom-2”.

      Of course, the unusual transformation of men has caused controversy in the comments. Many remembered the times of his participation in the telestroke when Egor had problems with excess weight, while still evoked positive emotions among the neighbors in the Meadow.

      “So pretty was on the project… though puhler, but true… what about the children? They too will reincarnate? Or are you planning to start a family? Genetics will not put…”, “of Course we will have to discuss! Nose and eyelids – it’s overkill!”, “You see the stomach, remove excess skin after weight loss, but the nose and eyelids why? Their natural was very personal. Not how to love themselves, to redraw under some kind of picture?”, “You know, Ken is an American toy, Barbie’s boyfriend. I would advise you to see a psychiatrist”, “Chicanos on these operations. Normal guy was with a good appearance. No, you have to make yourself. The verge has already lost,” condemned Holavina subscribers.

      Interestingly, many were confused by the large lips of the future Ken. The young man was suspected and change them. However, Egor tried to answer every comment and said that this part of the face he is a natural: “Tired of repeating: my lips”.

      By the way, “StarHit” already wrote about how his transformation. One of the stages was the increase of the lips. Egor Holyavin horrified by the methods of transformation

      But there were also those who decided to support the guy, believing that everyone has the right to choose his own path. “Come on, bro! Nobody will listen! I want to have to look at the end result,” “Baby you’re mine! Just like mom, pressed her to his chest and kissed her on the nose. Oh, experiential all this… If you can’t dissuade, it is necessary to be there. Take care of yourself!” “Nafig all! You’re the best! Your life and you have every right to do what I want. You know, we do with you!”, “Egor is a great man. Today a lot of opportunities to change your look and be exactly the way you want to be. Good luck with that”.

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      Also in correspondence with the followers, the man said that he had two more operations on the face. Apparently, his mother is not very happy with the choice of his son and very worried for the heir. “Mommy crying, but always near,” explained the former star of “House-2”.