The groom Pelagia is not involved in the son’s life

Жених Пелагеи не участвует в жизни сына Ex-girlfriend Ivan Telegin admitted that a famous sports star rarely visits the child. A young mother complained that the content of the baby lacks the means. Hockey player left his beloved with a newborn boy for singer Pelageya.

      Жених Пелагеи не участвует в жизни сына

      More than a month ago, the public learned about the relationship of the popular singer Pelageya and the hockey team of Russia Ivan Telegin. But as it turned out, the athlete had another girlfriend and newborn baby. But the athlete has left Eugene Nour and son for mentor of “the Voice”.

      Pelagia took away the beloved of the family

      Now a young single mother raising her four-month Mark. In the program “live” is the former lover of a famous hockey player told how she copes with all the worries after a separation with your loved ones. She admitted that Ivan only occasionally comes to visit the child. However, money for the son’s godmother gives Ivan Cristina. Eugene said that this woman was to him as mother and to her Telegin requests to address any monetary issues. Nevertheless, 50 thousand rubles, which distinguishes her former lover for the baby, she thinks too little amount. But the athlete assumes and other expenses.

      “He pays rent,” admitted Eugene.

      Жених Пелагеи не участвует в жизни сына

      Young mother also recalled how they met Telegina and how they developed their relationship. In that moment, when she met Ivan, the girl danced a Striptease. The athlete was able to win the heart of beauty, even despite the fact that she lived five years with another lover and even was going to marry him. However, the youngster is beautifully looked after, in every way proving his love.

      “I thought that we have nothing, he is two years younger than me,” admitted Eugene.

      However, doubt did not stop Nour, and she began a life together along with Telegony. Two and a half years, Eugene and Ivan looked quite happy couple and were engaged to be married. Nour admits that she has never had a goal to marry a Telegin. But when everything was ready for the celebration, marriage prevented other happy news – the girl was expecting a baby. For the hockey player and dancers it was a long-awaited baby.

      “Throughout the pregnancy, everything was perfect. He sat next to me, I thought, how is he going to teach his son to hockey,” recalled touching moments Nour.

      Жених Пелагеи не участвует в жизни сына

      Then Eugene talked about the fact that her lover became acquainted with Pelageya when she was already nine months pregnant. According to her, God knew that his son was born, but the child is not recorded in his name. Ex-girlfriend justified it by the fact that the athlete constantly in training camp, therefore, was compelled to prepare all the documents at a newborn baby. And then she found out that Ivan had an affair with Pelageya.

      Pelage adopted into the family of the future mother-in-law

      Now Eugene does not communicate with the athlete. Host of “live” with Boris korchevnikov provided an opportunity for Eugene to contact the father of her child. However, the young mother was terse.

      “I want you just participated in the life of Mark”, – said through tears Nour.

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