СМИ: Селин Дион встречается с гитаристом

Five months after the death of her beloved husband and producer Rene Angelil Celine Dion seems to have found a new love. According to the informant from the National Enquirer, the singer of the hit “My Heart Will Go On” is in a romantic relationship with guitarist Kevin Girod.

It States that the replacement yourself dying Angelil found himself, because he hired a musician to work and set to work with Celine.

Recently in Las Vegas held a new concert of Dion, where the partner of the actress on stage was named Girod. According to witnesses, on the stage of Celine and Kevin seemed unified, but the singer looked really happy and definitely enjoying the attention.”

“She begins to glow, when the room appears Girod”, — commented on the rumors about the novel pairs of another source.

We will remind, recently, Celine Dion spoke candidly about the night of the death of her husband Angelil. The singer admitted that the cause of death of Rene could be a drop, not a disease with which he struggled for many years.

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