Kristin Cavallari told about motherhood

Кристин Каваллари рассказала о материнстве

Kristin Cavallari – known model, actress and style icon, but its main role – motherhood. About this 29-year-old celebrity said in an interview with Modeliste Magazine. The mother of three children, the youngest of whom was only six months, said, that motherhood manifests the essence of a woman.

Кристин Каваллари рассказала о материнстве
“Being a working mom is very difficult. In particular, due to the fact that it is hard to part with children. I miss it very much. We live in Chicago and I work in new York and Los Angeles, so I have to travel a lot, there is nothing you can do about it,” — said the wife of the defender of “Chicago Bears” Jay Cutler. Together they are raising sons Jackson Wyatt, Camden Jack and daughter Sailor, James.

Кристин Каваллари рассказала о материнстве
“With the birth of a child, you start to see how selfish you were. I think that each of us in one way or another selfish, and if the level of self-love through the roof, the first time it’s shocking. Find time for yourself is almost impossible when you have one child and I have three of them. At the same time, the children are given a great amount of love. I finally realized that I’m living, I had purpose. I am the mother of these three wonderful children and the world opens to me again,” — said the model.

To maintain your body in great shape Cavallari working with a trainer three to four times a week. Training the model consists mainly of strength exercises. Cardio exercise she loves. Diet woman does not follow, as the family prepares daily, a lot and with pleasure. She plans to release a book on healthy eating with recipes and tips.

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