The girl: in a new clip Oreiro looks like 18 years ago

Как девочка: в новом клипе Орейро выглядит как 18 лет назад

In his new music video Natalia takes the hottest dancing in the train. And it seems that Milagros do not grow old!

Not wonder about the Uruguayan actress and singer said that she is our Natasha. In Russia star “Wild angel” I love and miss every year. And Oreiro feels like it. Who, if not the Russian people, it is better to know what trains and romance under the sound of the wheels? Natalia apparently did too the road of life and took hot clip about adventures on the train.

Sexy Oreiro the conductor comes into the car in a simple cloak and hat, but the train to move as she remains in a black leather bodysuit with plunging neckline and fishnet stockings. Natasha squirms and dances sexy in this outfit in the corridor of the car.

Then climbs on the table and it’s crazy all the passengers on the train.

Fans new video stars appreciated.

“My hot Nachi! Great body. The train is so hot!” – write in the comments to the clip fans.

And with them it is hard to disagree figure 39-year-old star to the envy of, like plastic, and the ability to dance. A girl will definitely ignite any party. But the most amazing look, and it seems that it’s the same girl from the clip “Cambio Dolor,” which we zastrevali to nipped on film! As if 18 years have passed. Check it out for yourself!