The first channel will arrange the premiere of “Viking” for the blind

Первый канал устроит премьеру «Викинга» для незрячих
The presentation will be applied the new technology.

Первый канал устроит премьеру «Викинга» для незрячих

29 Dec will be the first in Russia wide premiere
the film “the Viking” is available in the day of the premiere by tiflo-commentary is the only way to access
cinema of the blind and visually impaired viewers. Titlecommercial — creating descriptive audiorama,
embedded in the sound track of the film in the pauses between dialogues and meaningful

In Russia there are about 1 million blind and visually impaired
people who are almost completely excluded from the continuous
visual information space, where naturally there are their

“I am delighted that the premiere of “Viking” will be able to visit the blind and
visually impaired — says the actor Maxim Sukhanov. For them it is the only
a guide to the world of cinema. When the hall sits a blind viewer, it
thanks to the optional voice support, there is an effect
presence! This is a great initiative, I would like to have this technology
used for other movies.”

At the premiere of “Viking” will be applied new technology,
which each of the blind the viewer will have the opportunity to visit any
cinema and free, accessible to everyone mobile
application to tiflo-commentary during the premiere

The film
“Viking” will go rentals
two versions with different age restrictions — +12 (family
audience) and +18.

“Viking” is a high budget project from the creators of the movie “Day watch” and “Night watch” and “Admiral”. Work on the film lasted over 7
years. For the film based on the world, was built
over six decorative complexes, made more than a thousand original
costumes created more than eight hundred plans of computer graphics.