Семья Фриске осталась без адвокта

After yesterday’s court hearing, during which the charity organization “Rusfond” can receive funds from the sale of the house where there live parents of the deceased singer Jeanne Friske, Vladimir Kopylov and his wife Olgaare named as defendants in the case, remained without legal protection. Spouse lawyer Alexander Karabanov refused to represent their interests in court and explained why.

As it turned out, he and his clients were different views on this trial.
“We stopped our cooperation because I do not quite understand some initiative of relatives of Jeanne Friske and some things not recommended to do. Relatively speaking, our opinion on the trial went. And going here is the process (imposed security measures), it says incorrect position, as we warned,” — told reporters Karabanov.
The lawyer believes that the judge’s decision regarding interim measures comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation, even if it is contrary to the interests of the family Friske. At the same time, Vladimir Borisovich, father of the late singer, very emotionally reacted to the possibility to lose your home. And even when she saw on the threshold of his house of reporters who came to ask him about the course of the hearing, was furious and threatened to break their equipment.
Recall that the fate of 21 million rubles collected “Respond” to the treatment of Jeanne Friske, remains unknown. Someone took EMU amount from Bank accounts, and report on the use of this money and still. Guardian of Jeanne and her funds was the mother of the singer. Naturally, the charitable Foundation saw it as a defendant in the case of the missing funds.
In the “Rusfond” estimated that the house in which they live Olga and Vladimir, worth 60 million rubles, and this means that its sale will more than cover all the costs and financial claims of the organization.