Scientists have found the value of the “Harry Potter” for children

Учёные выяснили, в чем польза «поттерианы» для детей

In the mid-90s, the world has changed. Rowling has created a magical new universe under the title “Harry Potter”, without which his life can not imagine not a single child on Earth. Books and movies about the adventures of a boy wizard and his friends are so loved by children all over the world, even older, we can’t deny myself the pleasure once again to watch “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”, etc.

It turned out that the “Harry Potter” is not only high quality and interesting product, but useful.

British researchers from Lancaster University found that movies about magic and magic great develop children’s natural imagination. They believe that such films as “Harry Potter” is a great example of the positive impact on the child.

To determine the use of the “Harry Potter” for children was held a large-scale study, which involved more than 50 children aged 5 to 12 years.

The experiment consisted in the following: children were divided into two groups. one showed heroes who demonstrated his magical talents to others — the same characters, but without the presence of magic. In the experiment, it was found that the first group of children showed much more ingenuity and imagination while undergoing various tests, whereas group 2 showed weaker results.

It is worth saying that in addition to the development of fantasy and imagination in children, “Harry Potter” gives something more valuable – the realization of how important it is to appreciate the friendship, parents, their surroundings, awareness of the need for the pursuit of knowledge and understanding that any difficulties can be overcome.