Cara Delevingne wrote a novel about teenagers

Кара Делевинь написала роман про подростков

Cara Delevingne decided to demonstrate another facet of his talent. Model and actress Cara Delevingne has become a writer.

The famous Briton was the author of his first book entitled “mirror, Mirror” (“Mirror, Mirror”), which will be published in October 2017.

This important piece of news about his work in the literary field Kara shared with followers in social networks: “a Very important moment for me! Report that my first novel “Mirror, Mirror” will be released in October! I’M EXCITED! This is a story of growing up 16-year-old friends named Ed, Leo, Hiring and rose who are trying to find yourself, moving across the minefield of school life and relationships, until one day, everything will not change… (this should sound alarm music). I love my characters for their views, for the whole story. The process of working on the novel has changed me quite strongly and I do accept this part of my life close to my heart. I hope you will like it. So looking forward to its release along with everyone.”