Подруга попросила не верить ни единому слову Лохан

Daria Posevkina, which became “the other woman”, came to the defense of Yegor Tarabarova.

Biography Lindsay Lohan had a lot of black spots. Alcohol and drug addiction, promiscuity and even kleptomania… But in the last six months, fans were elated. It seemed that finally the fate of Lohan smiled. In the arms of the new Russian boyfriend Yegor Tarabarova she had never looked as happy… But there it was! It turned out, for a radiant smile hiding the quarrel and assault. At least that is the story of a Hollywood diva told Andrei Malakhov in the program “Let them talk”. And everything really had begun to feel sorry for the girl, until a statement is not made ex-girlfriend star, who asks “not to believe a single word actress.

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The name “friend” is now familiar to… This young designer Daria Posevkina. That’s the girl Hollywood star a couple of weeks ago was accused of breach of Egor relations. Talking about the insidious razluchnitsa, Lindsay in expressions do not hesitate! Well, Daria, too, did not remain silent. And not only that, came to the defense of Yegor, who considers his good friend, and in response has accused the actress of lying.

“I was not the cause of their separation. With Lindsay, I haven’t spoken to in a month before their fights on the balcony. I met Greg the next day after what happened, and do not know what has happened to them. I’m still good friends with Greg, Lindsay and I have since not seen, and to not trust her,” said the girl portal Peopletlak.

Well, like competent PR stunt… After all, talking about the relationship, the girl forgot to mention about the show his own collection in London…

But Yegor Tarabanov, caused a fuss, seem to have forgotten the two girls. And nothing was going through Lindsay that he is in the program appear! No, ex-boyfriend of Hollywood actress has long been basking in the sun on the Islands with the new model.