Scandal: Katya Gordon caught Nyusha plagiarism

Скандал: Катя Гордон уличила Нюшу в плагиате
The presenter told us about the theft of ideas on television.

Katya Gordon

Photo: @Instagram katyagordon Katie Gordon

Plagiarism in the world of show business is not a rare phenomenon. In the “theft of ideas” at different times accused and not always wrongly, even the most legendary performers. The difficulty is that to distinguish your idea from someone else is often difficult. Recently a scandal broke out between Kate Gordon and Nyusha. The presenter, who is now preparing to release a music album has accused the pop singer of plagiarism. From the point of view of Gordon, Jane, supposedly, gently took her idea than Kate was extremely outraged.

“Summer began to talk about 9 lives , 9 stories of love. Began to spread the video… Sent release… me signed in particular PR Nyusha Mr. Vorobyov, who occasionally would give me likes… and the fall Nyusha sagely began to say exactly the same thing, replacing the word, truth, word, love… say I said Nyusha will share with you my 9 lives… And not that Ivanov was not able to share too, but guys… it All comes from Nyusha false and artificial, because embedded in your mouth, not experienced, steal…” — wrote in his microblog Gordon.

Catch Nyusha alleged plagiarism Katya hard enough spoke to the 26-year-old singer. “Jane, start with the truth, do not steal, but somehow ugly attempt began entering adulthood. Like wearing mom’s shoes and lipstick took. I understand that most likely, the team that brought joyfully to the texts and the project, but you don’t live in the bunker…” she added. Having said that Katya has announced that to get in a lawsuit she is not going because of lack of time, and change the name of your album.

Incidentally, fans Nyusha reacted to the statement by Gordon negatively. The fact that they are sure that the statement Katie — black PR. According to their information Nyusha spoke about his “9 lives” much earlier, and indeed the album has a very different concept than Katie. By the way, recently saw the release of the first novel, written in the upcoming concert Nyusha in Moscow. In the shootings took part in Dima Bilan.