Депардье раскритиковал кинематограф и французский сыр

The actor once again expressed his opinion about the movie and France.

Gerard left France three years ago. Then in a conversation with President Francois Hollande, he said that his enrage not only “horrible” taxes, but the French media. And lived some time in Belgium and then moved to Russia.

Recently, the star of the screen once again surprised by his statement to the journalists and fans.

“I am a citizen of the world, but France risks becoming a “Disneyland” for foreigners, the inhabitants of which are produced for tourists wine and stinky cheese” – sharply expressed Depardieu in an interview with the Italian edition of Sky News.

In addition, the actor admitted that lately he doesn’t like and the whole cinema.

“In the world of entertainment there are people who terrorized Americans don’t know what language to speak, he said. — There are ten stars, and they are all Americans. Their films full of special effects, are games, and the rest of the movie barely exists.”

Well, the actor has always been quite harsh in his statements. And in relation to Russia, it should be noted, he also released a few sharp words.