Основатель «Уральских пельменей» станет отцом в пятый раз The wife of Dmitry Sokolov is on the seventh month of pregnancy. 29-year-old Xenia Lee will soon give her husband an heir. A newborn baby who will be born in early may, will be the third joint child of the star couple.

      Основатель «Уральских пельменей» станет отцом в пятый раз

      The wife of one of the founders of popular team “Ural pelmeni” Dmitry Sokolov, Ksenia Lee’s expecting a third child. The young woman herself has declassified its interesting position, having placed in the microblog, which gave its subscribers a reason to believe that it is quite an impressive pregnancy. Black loose dress can not hide the distinctive bulge in the abdominal area. The top 10 beauties: they are married to themselves the stars of KVN

      However, neither the young woman nor her star spouse on the issues subscribers microblog about the upcoming addition to the family do not meet. But in a telephone conversation with “StarHit” Dmitry Sokolov confirmed that will soon become a dad for the fifth time.

      “Yes, we are waiting for replenishment, you do not seem, said the artist. – The pregnancy of his wife six or six and a half months. To give birth to us around the beginning of may. And sex of the child know we’re having a girl!”

      Meanwhile, in the last few weeks, the Xenia Lee was published in the microblog exclusively selfies, or pictures in which she is depicted only from the waist up. Most likely, the wife of Dmitry Sokolov did not want to attract attention to its interesting position. And now, when the fact of pregnancy became too obvious, she decided Whether to declassified.

      It is worth noting that the future baby will be the fifth child of Dmitry Sokolov, who in April will celebrate 52 years. From his first marriage, the artist is 24-year-old son Alexander and 14-year-old daughter Anna. Dmitry Sokolov with his wife Xenia are raising three kids – a daughter Masha, which for almost five years, and son Ivan, he will soon turn two years old. By the way, happy father present at the birth of an heir.

      The couple met in 2006 on the game of KVN: Ksenia played for the team “Irina Mikhailovna”, but the falcons were sitting on the jury. Xenia at first did not respond to the courtship of the famous KVN player, too big was the age difference – 23 years old, but the persistence of Dmitry Sokolov melted the heart of the brown-eyed beauty. Enamoured have celebrated a wedding in Yekaterinburg in 2011.

      Ksenia is engaged not only children, but also together with her husband wrote the script. She is almost always with the team “Ural pelmeni”, and during the filming of the programs sitting in the audience.