Андрей Бартенев будет вести «Модный приговор» в костюме жирафа The flamboyant designer told the “StarHit” about the filming of the first releases. According to Bartenev, he was very surprised when he was offered to join the team gear. Andrew will be on the air after March 1.

      Андрей Бартенев будет вести «Модный приговор» в костюме жирафа

      “I said you have the wrong numberwhen I called and offered to lead the program on “the First channel”, – says Andrew “StarHit”. – Thought I was kidding… But on the other end began to argue: “We watched all your interviews, and we like how you convey their message to the listener.” I laughed, “You probably finished the course of flattery?” Had to pack up and fly to Moscow – at the time of the call, I was in Spain, kicked cones and rakushechki.

      Андрей Бартенев будет вести «Модный приговор» в костюме жирафа

      For shooting I brought a suitcase with classic costumes. Come and say that the viewer in this I still have not seen, let them wonder. And they told me – no, no, please, wear costumes, peacocks and giraffes, which would normally go.

      To put participants on the head of a bed I’m not – I’m a judge and to transform attitudes have not. On the program are as art-therapist and convince women that it is not necessary to be afraid of changes. They believe me and then you know I’m right! After all, the men, impressed by their new image, they begin to kiss passionately.

      Anyone who can’t get on the program, but wants to change his style in clothes, suggest, take the example of Andrei Malakhov. Recently saw him – just yum! Impeccable taste…”