“Master called?”: in what construction are invested star

«Мастера вызывали?»: в какое строительство вкладываются звезды “StarHit” to find out who help celebrities. Christina Aguilera restored music school, Grigory Leps donated money for the monument, and Catherine Vilkova restores the temple.

      «Мастера вызывали?»: в какое строительство вкладываются звезды

      Among the celebrities many of those who are willing to help people in need of their support, and places that are dear to their heart. For each of our heroes of the buildings and monuments construction in which they are invested, sparing neither time nor money are of great importance. “StarHit” find out why artists give their money and what is taking part in such charitable projects.

      Grigory Leps

      The Monument To Saint George

      Singer Grigory Leps donated for the erection of a monument in the village Plastunka 800 thousand rubles.

      «Мастера вызывали?»: в какое строительство вкладываются звезды

      “Gregory is a native of this area, – has shared with “StarHit” one of the initiators of the project Koba Murusidze. Often calls when touring on the black sea coast. A couple of years ago the locals had the idea to erect a monument to St. George in honor of the villagers who died in the great Patriotic war. But the five-meter statue – it appeared very heavy for ordinary people from the heartland. Came older women and gave half of the pension told us about relatives who fought – because almost every family lost loved ones in those years. Of course, there were sponsors, and erected a monument to the locals. Gregory learned good work, and have supported fellow countrymen and have donated money. Last year on May 9 took place the solemn opening of the monument”.



      «Мастера вызывали?»: в какое строительство вкладываются звезды

      Actress Catherine Vilkova helps to restore the Church.

      “The temple of the PriestMartyr Antipas, Katya and I go for 7 years, says “StarHit” Ilya Lyubimov, husband of the artist. – For us it is family tradition to visit the Sunday service. Do not forget to take with you and the kids. Five-year-old daughter of Paul loves to eat proverki and two year old son Peter stares at the fire from the candles. Instill a love of faith from the cradle. By the way, here are the godparents of my children, and a few years ago when I started votserkovitsya appeared and the spiritual father of Dmitry Roshchin. The temple of the Holy Martyr Antipas always needed help. Collected monetary donations for the expansion of the Church sometimes is not enough. So my wife and I primarily provided financial support. Try not to cry about it, because the matter, to participate in charity or not.”
      «Мастера вызывали?»: в какое строительство вкладываются звезды



      «Мастера вызывали?»: в какое строительство вкладываются звезды

      The star of the sitcom “Happy together” Daria Sagalova built Playground.

      “My husband and older two daughters, Lisa major and Junior Stephanie – says “StarHit” Daria. – The girls are very active on the street like crazy. Often ride on the carousel, dig in the sandbox. But near our house is not built Playground. Therefore, walk in the neighboring yards. One day the husband was indignant: “Why should we go to another? We need our own!” And organized a project. A couple of weeks installed a wooden swing, slide. The kids were accustomed to the sport, added ropes and gymnastics rings, do not forget about the lawn. Well, until winter, filled next to ice rink. Lisa and Stesha already made friends with many local children. Parents are calmer because their young now they see out the window!”
      «Мастера вызывали?»: в какое строительство вкладываются звезды



      «Мастера вызывали?»: в какое строительство вкладываются звезды

      After graduation, the singer has not forgotten about their Alma mater. For more than twenty years, Christina supports communication with teachers and classmates of Children’s art school named after N.. Rimsky-Korsakov located in Novogireevo. “Our children are proud to follow in the footsteps of popular actress – said “StarHit” in school. – Often asked to come and Cristina to watch a concert, where they pick up including her songs on the piano. She always finds time in his busy schedule to attend such performances. Be sure and she takes the stage and delights the audience.”

      «Мастера вызывали?»: в какое строительство вкладываются звезды

      However, behind the doors of the concert hall with velvet scenes students have long waited for the shabby linoleum, the peeling walls, the leaking roof… the School was in need of major repairs. Of course, distinguished graduate could not fail to notice this and offered financial assistance. Including thanks to Christine now building educational institutions was restored; the classrooms and corridors a few years ago were repainted in bright colors, the floors replaced. Teachers say that the guys even improved academic performance.