Саша Артемова спровоцировала разговоры о беременности The girl complained to the fans that he felt ill during a visit to the Solarium. It turned out that the star of “House-2” lost consciousness, but to her aid have appeared in time employees of the beauty salon. However, this story brought followers to the idea that your aunt may be in an interesting position.

      Alexander Artyomov published a picture in Instagram, in the caption which said that it was an unpleasant story. She decided to visit the beauty salon and Solarium. She said that wanted to fix a tan that you received during your stay in the Seychelles. However, cosmetic procedure turned to her dire consequences. As soon as Alexander came into the cabin with the neon lights, she became ill and she lost consciousness.

      The star of “House-2” Sasha Artemova: “While we have not been able to have a baby”

      Artemova of tell that she hastened to the aid of the employee of the salon. It seems, star of the TV project “Dom-2” is expected to receive from followers support. Instead, they began to reason, what actually was the cause of poor health beloved Cousin Eugene. The majority of Internet users came to the conclusion that she might be pregnant. “What if you still pregnant? It’s very strange that you suddenly became bad”, “I’m also a Solarium fainted,it turned out that she was pregnant! Congratulations,” “I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but you really might be pregnant,” expressed the opinion followers.

      I wonder what Alexander is trying to pretend not to notice reviews subscribers. It is not otvechaet them questions and otherwise ignores messages on this topic. When the girl went to live in Instagram, commentators were still interested in the situation. Alexander preferred to remain silent and not to respond to people’s opinions. Meanwhile, fans of the stars have already started to analyze her behavior in the last few weeks. They noticed that Sasha really began to behave differently, which alludes to its interesting position.

      “Pregnancy Artyomovna became noticeable on the island where Jack admitted that she no longer fit into things size S and M. to wear At the same time Sasha ate a lot, and often nervous, abrupt mood swings, unreasonable outbursts of anger, anxiety, increased nervous excitability by Artyomovna signs of pregnancy,” opined one of the Internet users.

      We will remind that Evgeny Kuzin and Sasha Artemov won the competition “Wedding in a million”, so soon they will hold a luxury wedding ceremony. Now that a couple is looking for housing in Moscow where it will live, but luck doesn’t smile them in this matter.