Многодетная мама Саша Зверева ищет мужа по Интернету The singer said she is ready for a new relationship. Sasha Zvereva said that spending thirty minutes a day on Dating sites. Some of the characters out there, the ex-soloist of the group “Demo” surprise.

      The former participant of group “Demo”, designer, popular blogger and mother of three children Sasha Zvereva has been living away from her husband and father of a third child, Dmitry Almazov. When the singer decided to move to America, Dmitri chose to stay in Moscow. Apparently, long distance does not benefit the relationship in the pair. Sasha Zvereva admitted that already long ago released from the heart love from the past, and open to new acquaintances.

      Now mother of many children, practically single-handedly raising three heirs, a daughter and two sons, decided to try to find happiness in Internet. Sasha has told that in day spends about half an hour on Dating apps. How long has she been trying to find her betrothed, Zvereva says. But some conclusions potential bride for themselves have already done. Some character types encountered on Dating sites, Sasha Zverev lead to confusion.

      “What are you thinking man, laying in your profile photo with cropped next to a woman? Or even better: her face is blurred! Hey, do you really then think that I will answer though to one of your messages? I wouldn’t pay it much attention if it wasn’t 50% of the profiles. And how do you selfie in a public toilet? All of these pictures in a dark office with the wires and spotted sofas. I right now am sorry his time flipping the finger and spend such “matchy”. What do you look for when examining the profile? I do not believe that there is something a little bit worthwhile,” shared Zvereva, at the same time asking the advice of podeschi.

      By the way, the singer has repeatedly said that wants another child. Despite the fact that her youngest son Leo is not even two years, a young woman wants to feel the moment of the appearance of the baby born. Sasha is sure that the pregnancy is the best period in a woman’s life, and the process of childbirth is so memorable that it was ready to relive it again and again. Sasha Zvereva wants to give birth to fourth child

      “When the light appeared a girl, I felt sad at the thought that I’m not pregnant. So, naturally, I want more kids. Let’s change my wishes after the fourth birth. I do not look forward and live for today,” admitted Sasha Zvereva in one of the interviews.