Karl Lagerfeld called Meryl Streep “petty”

Карл Лагерфельд назвал Мерил Стрип «мелочной»

The main cinema event of the year will be held this weekend. The last stages of preparation was carried out as organizers of the celebration, and its direct participants – filmmakers.

Men decided on the perfect costume for the evening “Oscar”, and ladies dresses. Since the ceremony, special attention is always paid to the nominee on the statue (one of them anyway have to get up on stage), the stage is carefully.

For example, in the case of a contender for the award for supporting actress Meryl Streep had to adjust a dress to make the neckline is not as deep as originally intended by the designer. By the way, the author of the dress was Karl Lagerfeld.

The dress was ready and assistants Actresses could pick it up at any time, a few days before the ceremony with the fashion house Chanel knitted representative Meryl and said that brand pays them a certain amount because the Strip “walk” dress on the red carpet, or they choose another brand. “Desired weight” — was canceled by the assistant of the actress.

Chanel, and in particular Lagerfeld, was shocked to hear such claims. As Carl says, the actress was given the honor to go out in kulturnom handmade dress, and she still demanded money for it.

Of course, Lagerfeld refused, adding that he did not expect such pettiness from the actress.

“After we give a dress worth 100 000 Euro, we learn that they must pay. We give them the dresses, we make dresses for them, but we do not pay,” – said Lagerfeld, but she can keep it because of the size. It’s still couture. It is perfect for her approach. A brilliant actress, and so very shallow!”.

Meryl herself has not yet commented on the scandal. I wonder if she actually knows about it? Perhaps this is the handiwork of her assistants, who decided to earn so much money?