Lyubov Uspenskaya showed a slim figure in a “naked” dress

Любовь Успенская продемонстрировала стройную фигуру в «голом» платье Bold singer has sparked a fierce debate about the propriety. The love assumption in an unusual way shared’oza. Fans ambiguous reacted to the bold appearance of the star.

      The Queen of chanson Liubov Uspenskaya 24 Feb 63 years. But it is obvious that time has no power over the singer. She works hard, takes care of himself and is in amazing physical shape. Figure Lyubov Uspenskaya so good that the singer is not shy to show her on the beach in a swimsuit. Lyubov Uspenskaya amazed gorgeous figure on the beach

      But recently, the star has dared to appear in public in a very daring outfit. Lubov Uspenskaya for performance at a concert in honor of March 8 chose a dress sheer dress with lace patterns that cover the most feminine parts of the body. As for the “naked” dress of the singer reacted to the spectators who came to the concert in “Crocus city Hall” is unknown, but the reaction of people on social networks for the outrageous outfit love the assumption were very controversial.

      And provoked their singer Natalya Ionova-Chistyakova, known under the pseudonym Gluk’oza. She has published jointly with the assumption, wanting to congratulate the Queen of chanson happy birthday.

      “Thank you for the opportunity to have a friend like you, Love assumption, it is a great happiness! Because you are a Typhoon of energy, happiness, positivity, beauty, femininity! Everything you say is always very deep. But your songs pierce the heart and stay there forever! May your life still is full of sparks and explodes from the bright and happy moments! I love you,” wrote’oza.

      However, instead of having to accede to the wishes of good and happiness, members of the pop diva began to discuss provocative outfit Lubov Uspenskaya. Many felt “naked” dress is so not appropriate for adult ladies.

      “The dress is too revealing for her respectful age”, “This is too much! The older a woman is, the more Frank her outfit” “What a cool dress! My wife would say that would be at home only in this and went”, “No offense, but both outfits are ice!”, “Yeah, probably from the fishermen nets away?” – the evil of some commentators. And others in opposition to them claim that the star is entitled to wear whatever she feels appropriate.

      “Lubov Uspenskaya – a wonderful artist who has proved his talent a long and productive work. Can not afford again and again to create yourself and your way in a new and daring outfits! Respect!”, “What kind of people?! Often the look. You to the assumption as to the moon, that is, never! So pick the poison!” – spoken by fans of the artist.