The founder of the “Semantic hallucinations” threatens the mental hospital for stabbing

Основателю «Смысловых галлюцинаций» грозит психбольница за поножовщину Vladimir Burdin, who founded the popular rock band, appeared in the center of the scandal. Musician are going to send to indefinite compulsory treatment in a medical institution. Vladimir and his family do not agree with the verdict.
Основателю «Смысловых галлюцинаций» грозит психбольница за поножовщину

45-year-old Vladimir Burdin, one of the founders of the group “Semantic hallucinations”, may be sent to a psychiatric hospital for an indefinite compulsory treatment. The corresponding decree was issued the Lefortovo district court after the incident in the store with the participation of the musician.

Brother of actor Timothy Burdin described the situation in social networks. Relatives of Vladimir to the last hoped for a better outcome.

“Brother lives in Moscow. In the evening with his wife he went to the supermarket. As he made the purchase, the wife has taken place. In the queue was a citizen who wanted to come forward. Obscenely insulted his brother’s wife and himself, as he approached. The conversation did not happen. The victim began to threaten and try to beat both. The brother ran to the rack of knives, demoralized the enemy (more young and strong), a small incision in the stomach,” shared Timothy.
Основателю «Смысловых галлюцинаций» грозит психбольница за поножовщину

According to Burdin, the victim refused claims in court. “He, without bribery or threats,” he said. Only the victim was in the hospital for two days after the incident he left a small scar. “Internal organs are not affected, the internal bleeding was not. All the expertise in my arms,” – said a relative of the musician.

However, the judge’s decision was influenced by the diagnosis of Vladimir. The fact that the musician had a history of mental illness.

“Even before I could send in the army, my dad decided (then in the middle of a war in Afghanistan) that I’d rather be a fool. And since then I am a fool. I, on the contrary, rushed into the army. After this incident, the treatment of mental illness for me is a lifelong. The fact that my diagnosis — F06.According to ICD 8 (other specified mental disorder due to damage and dysfunction of the brain or somatic disease. — Ed.) not treated at all. And the hospital put to the cure,” explained the actor to the journalists.
Основателю «Смысловых галлюцинаций» грозит психбольница за поножовщину

Vladimir’s brother believes that his mental problems do not pose a risk to others.

“Absolutely common sense man ordered the indefinite compulsory treatment in a psychiatric prisons in the country. This is how it? I have no words. “Bury alive, and what really crazy?” outraged Timothy.

Currently, the founder of the group “Semantic hallucinations” is at home, because the sentence has not yet entered into force. Vladimir’s wife Asya has confirmed that has received wide publicity. When will the next meeting Burdin and his family don’t know yet. But hopes that the court decision will cancel, virtually no. “In principle, everything is already settled”, – said the wife of the musician Asya. Vladimir believes that this can happen to anyone.

“These crazies “heroes” every day, terrorizing the shops, the weak get beaten. Look – the girl’s small, bespectacled man in the raincoat next to – that would not threaten?” – said the musician with E1.