Pregnant Tatiana Morozova health risks for deeds

Беременная Татьяна Морозова рискует здоровьем ради дел Star Comedy Woman can’t break away from worries. Spouse Tatyana Morozova worried about the fact that his wife is too active. The Joker understands his position, and therefore warned his podeschi from excessive stress at such a crucial period.
Беременная Татьяна Морозова рискует здоровьем ради дел

Star humorous show Comedy Woman Tatyana Morozova will soon become a mother for the second time. Despite the fact that now she is on big term of pregnancy, she did not hurry to abandon the habitual rhythm of life and the necessary things. The artist is pleased to share with followers what is happening in her life. As it turned out, the husband of umoristi, businessman Paul Titorov, trying to protect her from over-work. Tatiana said that she is now a difficult period in life.

“I, as my husband says, no instinct of self-preservation. Until the fall, will stop at a zillion things and you need to decide all at once. But, if in the first months of pregnancy, we may not feel much change, unable to walk and long walk, but with the growth of our tummy will be harder, and the bad head switches to the power saving mode such as I,” admitted Morozov.
Беременная Татьяна Морозова рискует здоровьем ради дел

Also the participant Comedy Woman gave advice to the girls for the future, and also warned those who are pregnant too. She warned of podeschi from excessive stress during pregnancy. Tatyana warned that it is necessary to be especially attentive during this period.

Беременная Татьяна Морозова рискует здоровьем ради дел“If you feel dizziness or nausea, don’t allow yourself to faint, sit down or take a short walk. If you need a long time and still stand, try using compression stockings to pregnant women. They squeeze the legs and improve circulation. In the third trimester you can use a bandage to support the abdomen and helps redistribute weight. And be sure to follow the water diet, especially in such beautiful Sunny days. Take care, my good!” asked Morozov.

Also umoristici has a daughter Sophia, which came to light in February 2013. Tatiana admired the rapid development of the child and tried to support her in the pursuit of knowledge. Unlike many children who are passionate about the gadgets, the girl liked books.

“She quickly memorizes everything we read, – told Tatiana. – Then comes to me when I stroke, for example, sits next to and begins to recite the tale. She even has its own large children’s library.”