The founder of the “Sect”: “I taught ISA and the Tree to eat right”

Основательница «Секты»: «Я научила Айзу и Елку правильно питаться» Olga Marquez has given advice to readers “StarHit” how to get in shape for the summer. Opening six years ago, the first school to create the perfect body, from Yekaterinburg Olga Marquez could hardly imagine that her business will become successful.
Основательница «Секты»: «Я научила Айзу и Елку правильно питаться»

The way to the stars to the soloist of the musical group Alai Oli took place literally “through the thorns”: few people know that, founding a new case, Marquez was able to overcome the addiction. Olga said “StarHit”, as it helped to cope with diabetes dad, to lose weight ISA and the Tree and stop hating your own body, losing weight by 15 pounds.

Olga, what was the inspiration behind the establishment of the school? What was the impetus?
Основательница «Секты»: «Я научила Айзу и Елку правильно питаться»It was a long path that began when I myself was a little girl, a student, only enrolled in the first year of University. Found out then that look terrible: spent a lot of time for textbooks and food. Those who are preparing for exams, I think, is familiar. Sitting at home, the grandmother constantly cooks roast chicken with potatoes… I went on the budget and gained 10-15 pounds precisely – weighed 65 instead of 50. I actually hung the stomach. As a body, not a number. When I started trying to get in shape. Of course until the second or third tried different ways and do not eat after six and to remove the bread and carbs… And then got practice in the program “Formula of health”. Began to communicate with the editors, doctors, and realized that the main – method of the study of the subject. There is no clear mechanism for how people should eat, how to exercise to look good. It is necessary to take the various concepts that do not contradict common sense, and try them myself. I was in constant search of various parts of this vast mosaic. It happens that there is just the part: you’re losing weight. But I start to look at food as a wolf, angry, frustrated periodically. The goal is achieved, but at what cost! In this situation it is difficult to feel happy. Realizing this, formed a different goal: to be full, healthy, happy life – and still look good. When I created my blog, I have had quite a long way as an independent researcher. And a few people I helped. The blog was about the many people who sought knowledge, tried. At some point I was in the seventh month of pregnancy, my husband came to Peter. I had the time – decided to open the first school where people would come to receive particular service. Then we created the new profession of curator. This is not just a nutritionist, but a person who leads a person from the request to the target, we can say, coach, nutrition, habits
Very recently, Alain Vodonaeva spoke negatively on the subject of fatties. What do you think about this, who is right?
Основательница «Секты»: «Я научила Айзу и Елку правильно питаться»I believe that overweight people need to support only love, only acceptance. Because in many cases, the extra weight is a protection from aggression of surrounding world. And what’s more: people often hate myself. And this attitude causes the body to defend. The movement of “body positivity” is aimed at addressing this problem. If we accept these people and to approve, they will be able to maintain their psychosomatic activities to reduce weight. Research shows that those who lose weight under pressure worse than those who do it in a good mood. Psychosomatics is a very important part. Typically, people allow themselves such statements due to a lack of education in this area. In 10 years will be as the alphabet that the total can not be condemned. It’s like people with disabilities – they are not to blame.—
You body is now fully satisfied?
Основательница «Секты»: «Я научила Айзу и Елку правильно питаться»There was a time when I completely stopped to evaluate it from the point of view of aesthetics: after becoming a mother. Have heard people talking about me that I’m athletic, good looking… But I don’t write it down at the expense of their achievements. For me it is important the development of the personality, brain, education. Now I use my body to achieve other objectives. When I was training for a long triathlon, and ran it, wondering how strong it was, how much you can bear. I’m 29, this is not a young age, but I’m in much better shape than ever in my life.
Основательница «Секты»: «Я научила Айзу и Елку правильно питаться»
Spouse, children – they, too, stick to the system?
Основательница «Секты»: «Я научила Айзу и Елку правильно питаться»No, my husband doesn’t do sports. He smokes a cigarette. I do not affect him, not campaigning for a healthy lifestyle. I believe that no amount of propaganda will help, but on the contrary, play a cruel joke. The best is to show all by example. Not always family quickly adopts the habits of a man who leads a healthy lifestyle. But year after year I see how something is changing for the better: they choose healthier foods, some products disappear from the diet, the relatives gradually cease to have mayonnaise, and white bread is replaced by grey also in the diet of more vegetables. It is at the level of the unconscious. When we got married, husband was also at 10 pounds more. Now it looks much better, despite the fact that the sport is still his hobby.—
And one of the most family actively supports you, shares the views?
Основательница «Секты»: «Я научила Айзу и Елку правильно питаться»Grandma lost 15 pounds, father is also about the same. My father mellitus – it lowered the blood sugar level. He always weighed more than 100 pounds. When dad was diagnosed, he began to eat on my system.—
You also have star clients. Who did you help?
Основательница «Секты»: «Я научила Айзу и Елку правильно питаться»Singer Ricky always talks about what our school is very important to her for proper treatment, in order to find peace with your body. She advises “Sect” girls. We are friends with a Tree. It took a lot of our courses. Lisa is well versed in healthy eating, in psychology. She remotely worked with the curator, and in the group, and with me goes to school in Moscow. ISA also mostly remotely received our “tools”. We have constantly new products – and for every situation you can find your. Sometimes people need psychological course, and sometimes to remove the belly, sometimes to recover fast after childbirth or to keep fit during pregnancy. My star friends are those people who apply for a specific “tool”. In school we find it. ISA was engaged by our workouts for pregnant women, and then put himself into shape after childbirth.
Основательница «Секты»: «Я научила Айзу и Елку правильно питаться»
What mistakes people most often suffer?
Основательница «Секты»: «Я научила Айзу и Елку правильно питаться»Sometimes do not pay attention to training materials. Do exercises, eat right, but the article is on our research portal does not read. And this is very important in order to understand how to behave when a course will be self-supporting. Want to not rely on us constantly, like on crutches and learned to walk. The main thing is not just to lose weight and keep the weight off.—
What tips can you give our readers who want to change for the better, get in shape for beach season?
May and June is the perfect time to get in shape. Biological mechanisms are configured in such a way that one can be freed in this time of excess. If you don’t want to bother much, just go through our training intensive #sektabootcamp. If you want to work independently, follow a few rules.

Recommendations By Olga Marquez:

1. Not much to limit calories in food. If this is done, the body, on the contrary, will accumulate, feeling that food is not enough. You should eat full. If you used to eat 2000 calories, including sugar, fruit and white bread, you have these sources of calories to replace more slow carbohydrates. Due to this, and you will lose weight.

2. Divide your training program. Do one long workout per day, and two short. In the morning 5-7 minutes of “intensive” before Breakfast, and evening – focus on certain muscle groups. Our training program is built from the point of view of the theory and methods of physical culture. Better not to engage in some sketchy training – they are not aimed at the target.

3. Start to run. Running, swimming and Cycling is a wonderful discipline that can help the body faster to get in shape. But not only them. People with overweight start to run, faster and get some kind of knee injury, but not the result. If you know that each discipline can give you, to interfere with them, everything will work out perfectly. Need to run twice a week. First, you can make a cross on a low pulse to pump the lower zone, and then interval running.

4. Everything you do, must be done in a good mood, with love and respect for my body. Only in this case, don’t get injured, I would succeed. And will create an emotional vacuum that wants to be filled with food. You need to tell yourself: “Yes, perhaps now I look not the best way, but I’m doing everything to become better.”

5. If you are already in the process, it is not necessary to compare with stars, to look constantly at shapes fitness models. If, on the contrary, spoils the mood and makes you go to the fridge. And weigh-in are often not worth it. Forget about the scales and wait for the people you will say: “As you grew thin!”