Yulia Baranovskaya ran off with the son abroad

Юлия Барановская сбежала с сыном за границу TV presenter flew away with the heir to rest. Julia Baranovskaya and small Arseniy fun to spend time abroad. The celebrity shares with followers “Instagram” bright shots.

Recently Yulia Baranovskaya along with their three children – Artem, Yana and Arseny moved into a new apartment, which has managed to settle. However, during the move, the media personality was not easy: a woman for a long time could not find the necessary things in many boxes, and the children had to entertain in an unusual for them situation. In addition, the star recently had a lot of filming and interviews. Perhaps that is why Baranovskaya, it took at least a short break. A new picture of Julius is captured in the company of the younger son Arseny. Mother and son drove off together in a long-awaited vacation.

“Ran away together. All a good day,” wished the fans a mother of many children.

A day later, the celebrity had published another photograph, which was lying on the beach in a bright blue bikini and squinting from the sun. Near Baranovskaya is located and her son with ice cream in hand. Under the cap the boy’s wet hair – apparently he just got out of the pool.

Fans of star of the family were delighted at seeing the photos. They said they had never seen darling so refreshed and rested. Users of social network left dozens of comments to the post idol. They have written many kind words and wishes Baranovskaya, and stressed that her son has matured.

“Arseniy this smiling guy is growing, nice to see! Have a great holiday!”, “Julia! You’re such a good sport! Smart, beautiful! Your family always look nice” “you are such a wonderful mother!” “Have a good rest! Arinushka so adorable, upload more videos and photos of your kids – they are wonderful” “Oh, how you’ve grown little boy! What a lovely and funny, very cute frame! Glad you finally relax,” wrote the loyal fans.

Some fans also asked Baranovskaya, where she finds the energy and time to educate and children. They noted that he admired the ability of pet to withstand such heavy loads. Perhaps that is why sometimes beauty moves the backlog of cases and flies away to rest. Six months ago, Julia realized her long-held dream and for a time fled to the African country of Namibia. Prior to this, the presenter has shared with fans a wish to be in the most beautiful places of wild nature.

Interestingly, after travelling celebrity again went abroad. Mother of many children in the company of the star friends were in Indonesia, where he managed not only to entertain, but also to visit the educational tour. Then the women followers have left her in his numerous questions. They wondered how their idol could make time for another vacation.