Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко стала мамой
Last year the family of the singer Vadim Kazachenko scandal.

Бывшая жена Вадима Казаченко стала мамой

His wife Olga in the program “Let them talk” told that she is the spouse star for several years.

Vadim tried never to talk about their marriage, and after the program asked the court to declare that their Union is fictitious.

At this moment his wife was in an interesting position, Kazachenko refused to recognize the child.

Recently she has delivered a healthy baby, I would like to sincerely congratulate her.

“As far as I know, the singer did nothing in the day when his wife gave birth to is not called and congratulated me. But staged vulgar, in my opinion, offer hands and hearts of its Director Irina Amanti. It seems to me that the man who does so, while his wife is in labor, not a very good person,” – said Katya Gordon, who is a lawyer ex-wife of the singer.

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