Юля Самойлова достигнет высот в карьере
Today, many were shocked by the news that singer Yulia Samoilova will not be able to represent Russia at the contest “Eurovision-2017”.

Юля Самойлова достигнет высот в карьере

This decision was taken as a result of the ban on entry to Ukraine of Yulia for three years.

Ukrainian authorities explained this by the fact that the singer performed at a concert in honor of the reunion of the Crimea.

Famous numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided to study life code Samoilova.

“Julia was born the seventh of April 1989, a day which in numerology is called the “enthusiastic faith”. She’s the host of a sign of Tsiolkovsky and Pushkin, that is, applies to people who leave behind a trail. Julia – this is a man who should never settle for less. To pursue growth for her above all else. She was born under the sign of power,” according to numerologist.

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